Lasciare l’usufrutto di qcs. a qcu. (o lasciare qcs. in usufrutto a qcu.) to leave sth. in usufruct to so.

Vendita nuda proprietà: Bare ownership sales   … Residuary of right ownership sales

It is the right to use property in which another person (bare ownership) is the owner and to receive income (rents, dividends, …). This right is always temporary, the bare owner who intended to hold the freehold of the property at the termination of the usufruct.
The usufruct is usually life: it lasts the lifetime of the usufructuary and goes to his death. Such is the case, in particular, the usufruct of the surviving spouse.
The usufruct may also be provided for a fixed period (5 years, 10 years, etc..) Under two conditions: 1) If the life tenant dies before the arrival of the scheduled term, the usufruct is extinguished and the bare owner immediately becomes full owner of the property. 2) If a corporation or an association that is usufructuary, the usufruct can not be longer than 30 years.

An investment in bare ownership offers the best outlook in performance. The buyer receives, in the form of an immediate reduction of 50% on the purchase price, the equivalent of all updated rents, net of costs, taxes and charges, that he would have collected over the period had he invested in full ownership. No hidden expenses or risks. At the end of the temporary usufruct, the bare-owner immediately becomes the full owner. The net gain results from the free and automatic recovery of the usufruct, to which is added the re-evaluation of the property over the whole period.

A private investor acquires a quality property for 50% of its value, in bare ownership. At the same time, the usufruct is acquired for a fixed term (15 to 17 years) by an institutional investor who collects the rents and manages rental. Over the whole period, this investor is responsible for all costs, work and taxes. At the end of the usufruct, the original investor automatically and free of charge, recovers full ownership of his property, maintained and renovated.


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